When a Pretty Tablecloth is Not Enough

Participating in outdoor events in warm weather presents a few challenges when displaying crafts, baked goods, or anything else. One challenge is the sun. The sun beating down directly on brownies, cakes, or crafts with glue for any length of time will not be pretty. People will be less likely to purchase cookies when the chocolate chips are melting.

Another challenge is the heat and glare. Struggling to see a price tag or read information through the glare of a hazy afternoon will not entice people to spend their money. It will also be exhausting tending the table all day. People are risking dehydration and sun stroke to make a buck. That simply is not safe.

Provide Shade

An event tent can alleviate those challenges. Even on a hot day, baked goods can survive for some time under a tent. Bring a cooler for the goodies that will melt quickly and display the breads and pies that will not melt. Make a list of what else is available and take it out of the cooler at the time of sale. Crafts will not get sticky and fabrics will not fade.

It may still get hot, but the sun will not be burning your skin. People will be more likely to stop at the table and browse what is offered if they can stand in a shaded area for a few minutes. Bring a battery operated fan if the temperatures are expected to rise sharply. Getting over heated may make you dizzy, tired, or confused.

Capture Attention

A tent will set the space apart from all the other participants who just have a table. People will notice the colors, see the name or logo, and know what is being sold. If there is no name or logo yet, one can be designed free of charge. Companies that specialize in promotional products offer free design services with any order.

Indicate the nature of the business and what colors are desired. They will create a logo for approval and make changes to ensure the customer is satisfied. They may even be able to help come up with a catchy name. Tents are fade resistant and inexpensive. There are a variety of styles to accommodate preferences, including star tents and inflatable ones.