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The Amazing Keto Diet

The Keto diet is getting popular today for people who desire to lose weight and have been failing with other weight loss programs. The way that the body loses fat is not by using energy source from carbohydrates, but in this method the body uses stored fat as its energy source. When body fats are burned so that the body will have energy, sooner or later, your body fats will get lower and you will begin to lose weight.

Starting a ketogenic diet begins by eating a high fat diet and a considerable amount of protein but carbohydrates are eliminated or kept at a very small amount. Eighty percent fats and twenty percent protein should be the fat to protein ration of the meals that you are taking for the first two days. The first two days is crucial to get your body in what they call the ketogenic state. After this stage, you need to slowly reduce your fat intake and increase your protein intake, and you can slowly add carbohydrates too. In order for the muscle tissues to grow and be sustained, you need to increase your protein intake. The new ratio of fat-protein-carbs should now be 65-35-5 ratio which shows a decrease in fats, increase in protein and carbs at a low minimum. The reason why carbs are kept at a minimum because it is the one responsible for triggering the pancreas to release insulin which is responsible for storing calories as fat. Fats will not be stored in our bodies if there is no carbohydrate intake.

Since the body needs an energy source which we usually get from carbohydrates, its absence means that the body has to look for another source. If you are a fat person, then the body will use fats stored in your body to burn and give energy to the body. When your body is using stored fat to give fuel to the body then this is called ketosis. Absence of carbohydrates helps the body to lose fats but your muscles are still maintained because of the presence of protein in your body.

If you are planning your diet, just remember the ratio of fat – protein – and carbohydrates to maintain this state of ketosis. Eating fats to give your body energy is the rule of this diet, and when there is no longer energy to sustain it, it will start using the stored up fats in your body. The good thing about this diet is that you always feel full since fats take time to digest.

It will be alright to do the keto diet all through the week and during weekends you can have a carbs up day. It is important that some days you take carbs since this will also allow the body to take in other important nutrients that the body needs for growth.

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