Understanding the Need for SEO Marin

The first step of any SEO Marin campaign is to perform a keyword search and then implement an appropriate content strategy. Being super relevant is the goal for any SEO campaign. There are rules to follow but, if those rules are followed, any campaign could be successful.

Advantages of using an organic SEO expert

Natural referencing, according to a stricter logic, allows traffic to be received thanks to qualified positioning. Organic SEO is free, as well. This is worth mentioning because, unlike paid referencing where you pay every time someone clicks on an ad, natural SEO is 100% free.

This may seem trivial, but when websites reach $7 or $8 per click in certain areas (such as Finance or Law), the portfolio costs can quickly add up.

The disadvantages of organic SEO

The biggest disadvantage of an organic SEO campaign is that it takes time. Another point that experts often must explain to their clients is that natural SEO takes a lot of time and energy if they want to keep their search engine positions in a sustainable way. Indeed, SEO relies mainly on the content and its optimization.

For Google to take a certain site (or page) seriously, it needs to be “fed” with content and must be organized in such a way that robots understand what the topic is about. Professionals advise clients to write texts of 500 words or more to have a chance be correctly referenced. When starting an SEO strategy, most people are often super motivated.

Most think it’s going to be easy to fly past their competitors once the content is written. The problem is that writing viable content is long and tiring.

Maintaining content is a must

People must maintain their organic SEO constantly, that is, if they want to remain relevant. A website that has managed to position itself on the first page of results must never be content. Remember: a site that is doing well one day may not do so great the next.

Those who have been “dethroned” will not sit idly by watching their numbers drop. They will inevitably react to recover their positioning and you will start to see competition pick back up.