Things to Consider Before Buying a Watch

Picking the perfect watch is the most daunting task, probably next to choosing the ideal wife or husband. With so many online and jewelry shops selling different types of watches, which is the best for you or better yet how much should you spend on a perfect watch? Well, the answer lies with what your intended use is. It would be a lousy choice if you picked a gold watch, so you can go for a swim. The big question remains, which is the perfect watch or what should you consider before settling for a watch? Here are five tips to guide you before purchasing a watch.


Price is always a crucial factor when picking a watch; it is not a secret that some watches are worth more than a speed bike. It is prudent not to pick a watch that breaks your bank; you don’t need to take loans for any watch. Additionally, never pick a watch on the spot this is because you might end up making the wrong choice and as it is common with many stores, goods once sold they can’t be returned. Lastly, a watch is not an investment; its price depreciates rapidly from the moment you pick it from the store so choose a watch that you are comfortable with.


With globalization favoring China with regards to trade, it has opened doors for an influx of knockoff products. Fake and stolen watches are considered an easy catch since selling them is quite easy. It is therefore prudent to always purchase your watches from a recognized dealer. Additionally, some watches come with a warranty.


Impulse buying is terrible and unless you own an oil well desist from it. This is because you have a high chance of buying a product that won’t probably please you in the long run. Take your time and research, look at its reviews and its specs before picking it.

Intended purpose

When picking a watch always consider what your intended use is? There are several types of watches on the market – Bangers, Fashion watches, field watch, dive watch, aviator watch, GMT watch, Driving watch, Haute Horlogerie and the dress watch New Atlas. Understanding what you need will take you a step closer to the perfect watch for you.


There are various types of movements in a watch. The most common kind of movement is the Quartz. Unlike what most people think, Quartz is not a brand name, rather its watch’s movement. It is cheap, and a battery power it. Automatic is another movement; it gets its energy from the movements you make during the day. If you left it at home for some days, it will power off, and you will need to reset it before using. Lastly, there is the manual movement; this is the oldest movement, it dates back to the 16th century, and it requires daily winding. For more information about movement browse here.


A perfect watch will depend on your preference. Understanding what you intend to do with your watch will help you narrow down your choice. Additionally, you need to consider the price, dealer, reviews, and movement.