The Art of Mastering Resources

Entrepreneurship Made Easy, Seriously Don’t be Left Behind

Have you ever fantasized about being the next Mark Zuckerberg or Steve Jobs? The Englishman was perhaps right when he said if wishes were horses beggars could ride on. At least not until you do what they did or better. Months on end the thought has never left you. From the deepest part of your soul you know you are cut out to be the next big thing. The know how to go about it is what you lack Good news is, don’t be fooled by how much they know now they were just as clueless if not more as you when they started out. Time is of essence if you can learn fast take it. Sit tight and enjoy the session.

The SCORE, it’s a big name just like the site itself . Perhaps a taskforce of about eleven thousand people who know a little something about business may interest you. It’s a one stop shop for all things business information. You are working for yourself of course but no one said you had to do everything for yourself. Don’t break a sweet you are not offering a dime for support. Are workshops also free of charge? Good question, of course not

Online visibility is the new sheriff in town. That’s why it is absolutely important to have presence in a majority if not all of them. The hassle of it all may feel overwhelming to you. Finally , Someone thought about you and created Hootsuite. It gets your information across all avenues or rather gets the sites into one platform. LivePlan ensures that you are not planning to fail by not having a business plan. You could hook yourself up with one business plan that serves your interest that fast. Plans are the doors leading to the Sesame of loans and investments. Bplans is another option for you without the buying part.

Books are an all-time invaluable asset a fact that you may find true as an entrepreneur. If you can lay your hands on Seven habits of Highly Effective People, Lean In, The Networking Survival Guide and the E- myth demystified you are good to go. There is no doubt that you will find Steven Covey, Sheryl Sandberg, Diane Darling and Michael Gerber very interesting businesswise. That said you absolutely want to HARO(Help A reporter out You might just get an interview with Richard Quest or any other journalist you prefer if you go the Help out a reporter way. Those GoToMeetings might not seem motivating but the reward are worth your time.