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Water Flow Meters: Different Types and Its Advantages The consumption of water is measured by the thing called water flow meter. Water flow meters measure the total amount of water that has been used by any sources through different means. These meters are placed in specific points in order to identify water leakages. The most commonly used meters are namely positive displacement meter and velocity meter, although there are a lot of type of flow meters that has been invented with the help of modern technology. Compound meters are made to combine the features of the said types of flow meters. In order for the meter readings of the both type of meters are easier to read, the compound devices use the process of valve that leads the flow of water into both of the said types of meters. Positive displacement meters have a tiny chamber which can grip a certain volume of water that is measured. Comparing the previously held volume of liquid is the way of measurement of the flow of water in this kind of meter. The flow rate of the liquid is calculated by counting the number of times the tiny chamber is emptied and filled. As it is ideal for measuring low flow rate, this type of water flow meter is usually found in residential homes and apartments. Velocity meters are devices that measure the velocity of the flow of water and decipher it into the volume of the flow of water. This type of meter uses a lot of different mechanisms to be able to measure the velocity of the flow and translate the data. The meters such as ultrasonic, venturi, multi-jet, magnetic, orifice, propeller meters and many others are examples of the many types of meters that measure the velocity of the water flow. These type of meters are quite ideal for areas that are high flow that is why it is quite popular too for businesses which utilize large flow of liquids.
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Nowadays, digital water flow meter is gaining popularity in people. As it is quite efficient and accurate, digital devices are used in scientific and commercial fields. There are two common types of digital devices that are typically used which are the magnetic flow devices and the ultrasonic devices. On the digital display system, it is quite easy to interpret the data. You can also link the data to the valve of the pipe systems and adjust the flow accordingly. The information from the digital system can also be retrieved easily by the operators.A Simple Plan: Water