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What are AA Milestone Tokens: Taking a Deeper Comprehension on its Specifics The overall aspect of alcoholics anonymous actually revolve around a number of things and one of the things that are linked to such are AA medallions and AA tokens. Having to look into the specifics of which, this technically is a way for people to showcase what they have achieved in terms of being sober from alcohol. Technically speaking, these things will be provided to the member by being sober from alcohol. In most cases, a silver colored aluminum will be rewarded 24 hours later after to mark the first day of achievement. This will then be carried throughout their entire life, reminding them of their determination on living a life away from alcohol. This basically have started in the Indianapolis in the year 1942, which, a lot of people have believed that this started with Doherty S., who, also is believed to bring AA to Indianapolis. As per Nell Wing, the chip system of AA originated in the year 1962, specifically speaking, in Indianapolis. The entire idea about such chip system was then known as tokens or chips, specifically.
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After the 24 hour token, there will then be tokens given respectively on a monthly basis, where, the color will then rely significantly on the months achieved by an individual of being sobriety. The second one being that will be provided usually is coated or marked with red anodized aluminum chip, also is tailored and seen as red plastic poker chip. By the second month, the gold anodized aluminum medallion will then be rewarded to the individual. Following such, the emerald green anodized medallion will be provided.
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Basically speaking, the fourth and fifth month is where the member will feel the test because if they do remain sober until the sixth month, they will be rewarded with the dark blue aluminum chip. In most cases, the ninth month will then be the last medallion given to the individual, which, should signify a strong purple aluminum chip. The very purpose of AA milestone tokens is intact and that this should play a major role in general to members as a whole, although there are small differences and whatnot. When it comes to purchasing AA milestone tokens, there will be a number of stores that you could also access online today. However, it will still be in your best interest if you are to make adequate research ahead to ensure that you will make the right selection.