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Tips You Can Use in Your Home Search in New Jersey

In 2016, the average property tax bill in New Jersey was $8,549 (USD). This was the highest in the US. But despite the high property tax in the Garden State, a lot of people still prefer to live there. Why? It’s because New Jersey is not only blessed with fantastic beaches, but it also has the finest schools and hospitals. The crime rate is low. The culture is good. And, the restaurants serve some of the best dishes in the country.

If you’ve decided to live in the Garden State, you’ll see that finding a new home in Middletown, NJ may be easy. But how do you ensure that you’ll get the best deal? Follow the tips below:

One: Determine What You Want In A House.

What are you looking for in a house? List down the things you want to find in your new home. Be specific. How many … Read the rest

An Introduction to Negative Space

When you are creating your company’s website, there is a huge amount of information you want to communicate to potential customers as efficiently as possible. This can, however, easily lead to overcrowded pages, where it becomes more difficult for visitors to find the information they are looking for and therefore less likely to become customers.

That is where negative space comes into play. Also known as white space, negative space refers to intentionally unused space around elements, often in a very neutral or background colour, which is used to improve readability and make the website more easily navigable by creating a content hierarchy.

Negative Space Improves Readability

When you encounter a page that is absolutely crammed full of information, it is overwhelming – regardless of how well written the content is, it becomes difficult to read and can drive you to find a different source.

Negative space is used to … Read the rest

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Start on the right footing with your audience using email template for business introduction

Starting a … Read the rest

BHA Slams 5-year Training Delay

With the catering industry already struggling to recruit and retain staff in the UK, the news that the new T level qualification has been delayed has provoked much consternation amongst leading figures in the catering industry. With Brexit looming there may be a staff shortage that cannot be filled by British workers.

The T qualification in hospitality and catering was designed to address the skills gap in the UK and encourage young people aged 16-19 into the industry. The hope was that if the qualification was ready on time more school leavers would be encouraged to work in the industry, and that when freedom of movement potentially impacts the supply of workers, the UK’s young people would be ready to plug the gap. The qualification will now not be available until 2022 which is too late.

Ongoing problems

The lack of a suitable qualification has meant that young people have … Read the rest

How to transfer money to the Bangladesh from any International account?

Gone are the days when there used to be handful options for transferring money internationally. But due to constant innovation and advent in technology, numerous ways have been developed for international money transfer. You can either send money to Bangladesh via cash or online transfer. Numerous money transfer companies provide these services across various countries in the world.

You can create an international account with these companies to transfer money. You can also utilize your bank account for the operations. However, it should be valid for international transactions. Based on the fact that you own an international account, follow the mentioned steps for transferring money to the Bangladesh.

Factors Influencing Money Transfer from International Accounts

  • Current Exchange Rate
  • Transaction costs
  • Amount of money that needs to be transferred
  • Transaction Time
  • One-time transfer or recurring transactions
  • Countries which are involved in the transactions

Online Money Transfer Companies

You must be aware … Read the rest