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A Guide to Flea Medicine

Fleas affect pets the most, more than any other parasites. There is not much that is known about them, especially the flea medicine for dogs. You therefore need to study them a bit more, and find ways of killing them off.

A flea is known to live for almost three years, and part of that time is not your pet dog. A female flea can lay about a million eggs in its lifespan. Their eggs will land an lay in a carpet for almost a year, until the right conditions present themselves for them to hatch.

Fleas love attacking dogs and cats because of their proximity to the ground, and also their warm bodies which are ideal for their growth. If there are not pets in the house, they will next attack children and toddlers. You therefore need to get rid of any fleas from your home immediately. The best flea medicine will see to this.

A female flea can bite up to seven times before it finds a blood vessel. The saliva they deposit will give off an allergic reaction. After feeding on the host, she will deposit her eggs and flea dirt, in this case undigested blood. You will find the dropping and eggs all over the living areas.

Their eggs cannot be harmed by temperatures. They will instead lie dormant until proper hatching conditions are met. When they hatch into larvae, flea medicine can act on them quite easily. You need therefore to apply flea medicine the minute you see the flea presence. This could eliminate a huge number of them.

There are different types of flea medicine, each with
differing degrees of effectiveness, safety, odor, and convenience. Whichever one you settle on, ensure all pets, pet areas and even the car get doused in it. If you only use it on the dog, you leave so many other places free for the fleas to roam. Flea medicine comes in different formats.

There are flea powders. You can use it on any dog after two months of age. It is only effective on the adults and not the larvae.
The two varieties of flea sprays are alcoholic and organic. There are those that contain insect growth regulators that kill flea eggs. But dogs tend to hate them.

Flea dips seem to be the most effective at killing them. They are however highly toxic. They should be done not too frequently. While doing it, wear protective gloves.

These are all ways to get rid of fleas. Settle on the best option for you.

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