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Giving Commercial Laundry Equipment an Upgrade

In every laundry servicing business, may it be a laundromat type or on-premise laundry type, the time will come when you will need to substitute used laundry equipment with newer ones. Thus a question arises, “What will happen to all my used laundry equipment?” In this case, you will be presented two of the most reasonable choices among several others.

Firstly, you could shop at your local distributor for used laundry equipment and look for the equipment that will provide trade-in value. The bulk of them had better do so, thus the importance of keeping track of their contributions is great. More importantly yet, you must compare how much they are able to contribute with how much the new equipment being sold would cost. Eventually, you will find that the most practical option for your business is not automatically the one that provides the best trade-in value. It also holds true that the package should include service, warranties, and the other things that are needed to affirm your purchase was reasonable.

Secondly, you may act as a private seller of your used laundry equipment. This option has several advantages as well as disadvantages. The apparent downside of this option is that more time and energy have to be spent to start up the process. Other than that, putting up classified ads, whether in print or online, will cost you even more. The high monetary returns you will receive as a result of selling the equipment yourself will no doubt benefit your new equipment. In the end, economics will once again come into question. Considering both the expenses for advertising the machine and the feasible sale price, would you say settling for the value of a quick trade-in would give you higher monetary returns? Does the amount of profit show an insignificant increase? And an important question that begs to be asked, was the time I spent of any value? At the end of all this, it is only a decision one must make regarding his own business, but if you come to ask yourself these questions, you will find an answer that will encourage your confidence.

After all this, you have to cultivate the same diligence that all businesses require. When you check out several, inquire of them. Nothing should be prohibited. You may have heard the saying, “there is no getting without asking.” This phrase can also be applied to the commercial laundry industry. This saying will help guarantee you only get the best possible choices.