Month: May 2018

Type Of Memory Cards and The Speed


And there are prominent three types of Memory Cards in respect of sizes. Talking about the original format, it starts with cards having a measurement of 32 x 24mm considered quite small for the time. Customers do buy them to use in digital cameras, audio recorders, and similar products to store the data easily. Apart from it, the smartphone makers also want to have smaller cards and it led to mini SD format having a measurement of 21.5 x 20mm. And now microSD cards are also high in demand having a size of 11 x 15mm. You are allowed to use a miniSD or microSD card using an SD card slot. What you need to do is just plug that into an SD-sized adapter. You may not know but this is true that some mini/micro cards are also sold with them. And you are allowed to fit an SD card … Read the rest

Creating More Efficient Platforms for The Internet

The internet facilitates transfer of data from one point to another, in doing that the capacity, speed and reliability of the platform is tested. Not only that, but with such a simple function the number of users in a database seems to be increasing with time. This is combated by the computer’s ability to increase its speed and performance when transferring large files across distance which normally occurs within a period of eighteen months. When a website is made there are applications that keep it stable, allowing load and good traffic quality on the website.

The load could also be the amount of data you have on the website. To ensure excellent functionality of the platform, certain tests must be run on it to ensure it is optimum condition for operation namely the stress test, load test and capacity test performing specific testing on the of the application testing. Load … Read the rest

What Makes Dominant Service Businesses Stand Out

The business world has become an arena where companies, both small and big, are battling it out to survive. There is stiff competition based on the limited resources being shared. The biggest resource is the customer fan base. It is one of the most sort after resource especially by the service companies.

Service companies offer their expertise to benefit their clientele. Their goal is to make customers happy and in turn generate more profit. Therefore, they need to get their strategies and organizations in check or stand to lose in the competitive business world. The top service companies understand what it takes to be the best. Such companies adhere to certain guidelines which revolve around;

  • The Service Offering

Most dominant service companies focus on the design of service. Service design entails the experiences customers will want to have and the implementation. The management team in service companies must define the … Read the rest

The Benefits of Modern Org Charts

An organizational chart is a graph or diagram that indicates the structure of a company. The org chart has the role of illustrating the relationships between jobs and related tasks within the organization. The names and titles of employees are depicted in circles or boxes with lines that link them to departments or other employees. You can quickly tell the structure of the company by looking at the org chart.

Previously, human resource managers were responsible for updating org charts when workers change positions or when they hire new employees. The charts were in the past used by human resource managers, new hires, and business leaders. Business leaders require the org chart during presentations, to determine the possibility of an employee switching job roles or to justify addition or reduction of headcount. A new hire would require the table to learn titles and names of employees in the company and … Read the rest